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    4th Edition Creating Your Career Portfolio for Students

    Career Portfolios for Students

    It’s never too early to start your Career Portfolio

    New 4th Edition!

    Creating Your Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Students 4th ed.

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    ISBN 978-0-0706434-9-1
    Publisher: Learnovation, LLC, Copyright: 2017
    Format: Paper; 250 pages, with downloadable files 

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    It’s your career, your life, and your future.

    You’re a college student- take the opportunity to explore careers, identify the skills you need to thrive in your chosen career, document your skills, and take charge of your own learning.

    The most significant factor in your career success comes down to how well you know yourself– What knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies do you have, and how do you use these for your well-being?

     You’re not just learning skills to get a job- you are creating a toolbox of knowledge and skills that can transfer into your work and personal life to give you a sense of purpose, help you engage in your community, and be well-rounded financially, physically, and socially.

    In this 4th edition, the focus is on:

    • categorizing your work samples and community service activities.
    • writing meaningful goals to close the GAP between your current skills and the requirements of your target career.
    • seeking out social documentation for your soft skills.
    • connecting your LinkedIn™ profile to your career portfolio.
    • demonstrating your personal well-being through your career portfolio.
    • the need for both a hard copy and ePortfolio on your job quests.
    • proving you are the right person for the job, internship, scholarship, or promotion.

    Add the Career Portfolio to: circle-graphic-ePortfolio_learnovation

    • Intro courses where students will begin to compile projects and work samples to show skills
    • Career Planning & Development
    • Internships
    • Employment/Job Search
    • Senior Seminar/Capstone Courses where advanced students are preparing to enter the workplace.

    4th edition available
    in paper and eBook formats

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    Creating Your Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Students, 3rd ed. – formerly published by Pearson /Prentice Hall. Now published and available from Learnovation, LLC.

    ISBN13: 9780131505049

    ISBN-10: 0131505041







    Custom edition for Corinthian Colleges

    ISBN 13:  978-0-536-08197-2

    ISBN-10: 0536081972

    custom person