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    Career Portfolios for Professionals

    Use your Career Portfolio for Advancement and Promotion

    cp-photo-promotion1_learnovationOnce you have the job in the field you want, it is time to start planning for your advancement. How are you going to get that promotion into the next job on your career ladder?

    Start by developing your Promotion Portfolio. Promotion portfolios can be used to track your accomplishments on the job. Begin collecting your work sample from the first day you start you job. Use a promotion portfolio to help advance into the positions you want, and to ensure your career goal success!

    Or is it performance appraisal/job review time again? Develop a Performance Portfolio to impress your boss by proving to him or her what you have done in the past 12 months. Track your accomplishments and map them back to your performance appraisal. Don’t just ask for a raise (you won’t get it), prove why you deserve the raise!

    Using Career Portfolios for Job Shifting

    If you’re transitioning to a new job, use your career portfolio to prepare for interviews with new companies. Be sure to:

    • Document skills you acquired at your previous job(s)
    • Show your professional memberships
    • Get a letter of release from you previous company
    • Get a letter of recommendation

    Using Career Portfolios for Job re-entry

    If you’re re-entering the workforce, use your career portfolio to prepare for cpphoto-promotion2_learnovationinterviews and get new ideas during an informational interview. Be sure to:

    • Document skills you acquired at your previous job(s)
    • Document transferable skills you gained while you were out of work including skills from:
      • Hobbies
      • Community service
      • Family responsibilities

    Using Career Portfolios for Tracking Certifications

    Tracking Certifications
    Many industries are beginning to require education beyond college. They are requiring employees to hold certifications. Specialty training courses are specifically designed to improve your knowledge in a specific task or area.

    Highly prevalent in the tech industry, certifications are becoming more and more popular in all industries. Use your career portfolio to help track any certifications you earn during your career. Being able to prove your expertise in specific skill areas will mean more income!

    Use Your Career Portfolio to Create your Career Development Plan

    Career portfolio materials give you:

    • instructions and content
    • examples of work
    • career portfolio templates
    • examples of work samples
    • an interface with Career Portfolio software
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