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    Career Portfolios for Students

    It’s never too early to start your Career Portfolio

    A career portfolio can be an effective tool for students at all levels. Portfolios are used by:

    • College students looking for their first jobs
    • High school students trying to get into their preferred university
    • Grade school students documenting work towards awards, achievement, or community service
    • Even pre-schools are using portfolios to help track and document children’s development during their early years.

    view a 4th grader's portfolio

    If you’re in College, use your career portfolio to:Career Poortfolios for Studdents girl_learnovation

    • Enhance your résumé
    • Apply for internships
    • Find your first job

    Be sure to:

    • Track diplomas
    • Show GPA
    • List extracurricular activities
    • Show your professional memberships
    • Get letters of recommendation from teachers
    • Document your community service hours and earn scholarships!

    If you’re in High School, use your career portfolio to:Career Poortfolios for Studdents boy_learnovation

    • Aid in choosing appropriate electives
    • Develop your résumé
    • Apply for scholarships
    • Make the cut at your preferred college or university

    Be sure to:

    • Track your grades
    • Track community service projects
    • Show skills you have learned from hobbies
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    Career Portfolio Books

    Career Portfolio books

    Learn how to create your own Career Portfolio with the Basics,  Student, Professional,or Dietetic version of Creating your Career Portfolio: At a Glance Guide.

    Career Portfolio DVD’s

    Career Portfolio Videos

    See the portfolio in action with career portfolio videos