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    College Prep Boot Camp

    Set up your own Learnovation College Prep Boot Camp program and jump start your students for college success!

    Administrators and Advisors

    Help students prep for the college experience by focusing on the soft skills, essential college study skills, and critical life skills needed to make a rapid, successful transition from high school to college. Help reduce the freshman dropout rate by giving your students a referral to the Learnovation® College Prep Boot Camp.


    You’re graduating from high school and heading for college this fall. Are you ready for the changes in your life? Can’t wait to be out on your own with no one to tell you what to do? Are you not quite sure what to expect, or how you’ll handle college classes, roommates, money, learning a new place, making friends and grades?

    Here’s your chance to get the REAL scoop on what to expect in college and pick up the tips to surviving and thriving in your first year of college.

    Bring a friend, have fun and gain confidence in how to navigate your college. Experience real life mini projects, all in a college format.


    Launch your son or daughter with confidence. Make sure they have the resources they need to make the transition to college and be set up for independence. They will always benefit from your support. Learn how to right-size your support for their ultimate success.

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    Here’s What Students Learn

    in 3 ½ Days…

    • Orienting to campus

    • Learning the school’s systems

    • Handling your money (financial literacy)

    • Laundry and clothes

    • Virtual study skills

    • How to read a college syllabus

    • Handling financial aid on campus

    • Safety and parties

    • What groups to join

    • How/where/when to study

    • When to get a job

    • Eating, nutrition, health and exercise

    • Building your support systems

    • Your character…being true to you

    • Your routine for success

    • The difference between high school and college classes

    • Campus living

    • What to take to campus

    • Campus transportation

    • Planning for an internship

    • Using course projects and community service to target your ideal job.