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    Bio – Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D.

    Learnovation®, LLC develops products and delivers services which educate and empower people
    to enhance their lives.

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    Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D.

    President – Speaker – Outcomes Assessment Specialist – National Expert

    Anna Graf Williams, Ph. D., is the cofounder and president of Learnovation®, LLC. Dr. Williams leads the company in career development, research, strategic planning, and outcomes assessment work. Learnovation is a committed, successful change agent focused on improving the lives of individuals and their supporting organizations in the key areas of career enhancement, career portfolios, ePortfolios, motivation, strategic planning, and job readiness/ life skills.

    Anna brings her passion for learning and her desire to make enhance people’s lives to every aspect of the Learnovation philosophy. She has the unique ability to look at people and organizations and help them uncover rare talents, identify new opportunities, and see the best path to manage change. Learnovation has always had a holistic approach with everything they do- from instructional design and materials development, to outcomes measurement and growing leadership. You have to “take care of the people, show gratitude, and help them find their own success so they can share that with their organization.”

    Professionally Speaking
    Anna is a national expert in career portfolios, career development, outcomes assessment, education, and instructional design. She is a vibrant speaker, facilitator and presenter who provides inspiration to audiences of all sizes as she shares her expertise and energy. From keynotes, to motivational seminars, Anna has a captivating style which integrates research, story-telling, and the holistic approach. With over 500 speaking engagements in her career, Anna shares her confidence and passion with every audience.  Her “Ted Talk” style always drives audiences to discernment.

    Dr. Williams is a popular guest on the nationally syndicated The Career Clinic® radio show, having been interviewed over 24 times on career portfolio related topics. She continues to do radio and newspaper interviews on the topics of career advancement and the emergent workforce.

    Career Development & Job Readiness
    Anna is an expert at helping individuals and organizations bring about change in careers and success in talent acquisition. Long before career portfolios were a common career tool, Anna has been coaching and teaching individuals how to use their transferable and soft skills to reach new career goals. She has co-authored a line of how-to books on career portfolio development including Creating Your Career Portfolio At- a- Glance Guide for Students, 4th Ed. and Creating Your Career Portfolio at A- Glance- Guide for Dietitians, 2nd Ed. Workbooks, seminars, and other materials provide a way to show people the how-to, when, and proof they need to give both their industry and education partners so they can be successful.

    Dr. Williams served for five years as the editor in chief of the Hospitality Career Magazine for students–Hosteur. She continues to write and design on the topic of Careers and Career Portfolios. Career Portfolios are created with the hope and confidence of a better career. The self-reflective process and the collection of work samples allow individuals to create their own path.

    Leveraging best-in-professional instructional design, Anna knows how to impart knowledge and uncover rare talents in job seekers. She helps them focus on categorizing their skills to reach job and career goals.  As lead creator for the Learnovation® Career GAP Software, she has brought a key framework to gainful employment and workplace engagement. Strategic planning and analysis of the local job market and the global economy help the Learnovation team teach the how-to’s of developing career portfolios, job readiness and life skills while supporting personal Well-Being.

    Instructional Design
    Anna understands how people learn. Part of the magic of Learnovation is the ability to take a message and convert it to a medium that connects with the user. Anna knows how to successfully work with print, e-books, software, and apps to take content to multiple generations of users. Combining knowledge of LMS systems with a keen understanding of the people, Anna provides the dynamic management needed to deliver content in a clear, effective and efficient way. With a background in outcomes assessment, she knows how to work from the desired goal to produce materials and systems that truly impact the end-user. 

    Outcomes Assessment/Performance-Based Outcomes
    Anna has spent years focused on determining measurable goals and outcomes. Each program, pamphlet, presentation, and component of instruction is designed to be measured. Anna and her team have a keen understanding of how people learn and how people test allowing for accurate test methods to be applied. With specialties in end-user interaction Dr. Williams is able to better increase participant interaction. Her interest in careers began with her work at Johnson & Wales University in the internship program. She continued her efforts serving on several accrediting bodies for hospitality and university education.

    Today, Anna heads up corporate and agency efforts to determine and measure performance-based outcomes related to employment and life skills. As a social scientist and researcher, Anna and her team measure human behavior and competencies. Her work with Career portfolios has sharpened her experience with taking both technical and soft skills and quantifying them into performance measures. Curriculum mapping, job description analysis, identification of best practices and how to observe and document outcomes all serve as Anna’s foundation for outcomes assessment.

    Marketing is art with a plan that meets the needs of the marketplace. Dr. Williams’ marketing efforts include market research, conversion studies, focus groups, and economic impact studies. Anna best utilizes her creativity through marketing design/planning, web development and people planned marketing efforts.

    Strategic Planning/Management
    Anna has worked with many different organizations, from hotels, restaurants, quick service, retail and daycare facilities, to chambers of commerce and visitor bureaus, non-profits and government agencies helping them to focus their skills and better market and manage themselves. Anna’s intimate knowledge into the science of volunteering has helped many nonprofit and faith-based organizations do well. Over the years she has developed and led visioning sessions, re-organization plans, and product positioning for the service industry. Dr. Williams is a national expert on internships and industry partnerships. She has a unique ability to pull teams together and motivate people.

    Publishing and Achievements
    Dr. Williams is well published with over 370 articles, several book chapters, and over 38 books. Her books include: The Creating Your Career Portfolio Series, The Family Guide to the American Workplace, The Immigrant’s Guide to the American Workplace, Hospitality Cases in Marketing & Operations, and Quick Reference to Food Safety & Sanitation. She has co-authored several pamphlet series on life skills and job readiness. Her Creating Your Career Portfolio series has sold over 750,000 copies. Additionally, she has served as a developmental editor for several trade and academic publications in Food Safety & Sanitation and Education.

    Anna is formerly one of the youngest full professors in the country with specialties in Hospitality, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Curriculum Development. During her tenure in the Hospitality College at Johnson & Wales University she spearheaded internship programs, development of accreditation standards, and grant writing. Anna has extensive academic and industry experience in restaurants, lodging, retail, quick service operations and tourism marketing. Over her 19 years of educational consulting she has worked with curriculum development and outcomes assessment strategies for programs ranging from preschools to hospitality specialized college curriculum. Anna is known for setting up systems and evaluation methods for traditional and non-traditional programs.

    As an educator, Anna is known for her innovative teaching and instructional design methods. Anna has extensive work experience in career development, specifically the career portfolio process for student and employers.

    Dr. Williams has a Ph.D. in educational administration from Purdue University, with a master’s degree in curriculum development and design. She has specialized throughout her educational career in innovative and effective teaching methods, outcome assessment, marketing and management. Anna got her start at the University of Illinois in the field of Consumer and Family Studies with a focus on Institutional Foods. She went on to get a master’s degree in Restaurant Hotel Institutional Management. She has served as a consultant with many hospitality organizations.

    Dr. Anna Graf Williams is a farmer’s daughter and farmer utilizing her research, analytical and technology skills to enhance agricultural innovation and production. Anna is on the farm leadership team with her brothers for the family legacy farm, where innovation and profit are driven by “man, machine, plant interaction with technology.”

    Anna is an active volunteer in the greater Indianapolis area and active in her church. When Anna is not enjoying her family or cooking, she is reading and studying in the fields of health, agriculture and wealth.