Career Gap


The LATEST and GREATEST Product at Learnovation is the Career Gap Software:

The career gap software provides a guided, exploratory, career tool for framing, classifying, and indexing work experience, education, training and community service/activities electronically by skills, abilities, knowledge and competencies. Career GAP software’s web-based solution supports guided résumé development, allowing the end-users to express their education, occupation, and training experience in a way that employers can get a clear snapshot of performance competencies measured over time. career gap software is available with web access for the duration of the site license, this can include the year of high school and post year of follow-up, allowing students to use career gap software during the hiring and transition processes. Users gain the opportunity to understand and link the value between career readiness and academic readiness. The career gap software is utilizing O*NET, allowing standardized reporting analytics. Students using the software are able to rapidly crosswalk their military skills and military training to occupational and education standards. career gap software provides the tools for users to enhance own Career Portfolios. This provides the end user the opportunity to integrate their essential knowledge, skills and abilities to social forums. career gap software supports staff and administrative functions, and provides customized analytical extracting and reporting, allowing you to thread multiple data silos. The students are able to take their current status and identify the prescription for reaching a target position. They have unlimited opportunity to secure their prescription for minimum viable education, required work experiences and the necessary licenses and credentials while gaining a better understanding of their current knowledge, skills and abilities— ultimately allow them to manage their own careers and set goals.