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    Financial Literacy Pamphlets

    icon-fl_learnovation Financial Literacy Pamphlets

    Life skills pamphlets that address basic finance- one issue at a time.

    Easy-to-Use … Assessment Driven… Training with Impact

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    Paying My Bills

    EASY TO USE…   

    Paying My Bills - Financial Literacy Pamphlet4-page pamphlets provide focused content on key topics of financial literacy – perfect for individuals or groups

    • 12 individual pamphlets, focused on key parenting topics
    • Written at a federally mandated 9th grade level, but chunked for easy reading
    • One to two exercises per pamphlet.


    • Includes Pre and Post Assessment Documents  
    • Check mastery of each topic with assessment documents, included for each pamphlet 
    • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing




    •  The companion Instructor’s Manual adds 1-1/2 to 2 hours of detailed training for each topic with PowerPoint slides, additional content and exercises.



    14 new pamphlets focused on helping individuals succeed on the job and in their personal lives by learning basic concepts of money management and financial planning.

    Financial Literacy Pamphlets

    $17.95 – 14 pamphlet set with assessment documents

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    F1 – How Money Works

    F2- Checking Accounts

    F3- Credit Cards

    F4- Savings Accounts

    F5- Taxes

    F6- Pay My Bills

    Building Your Future

    F7- Loans and Interest

    F8- Home Loans

    F9 – Auto Loans

    F10- Insurance

    F11- Education

    F12- Investing for Retirement

    Credit and Debt

    F13- Dangers of Debt

    F14- My Credit Score

    Available in hard copy or electronic format

    Thanks to their design, these pamphlets are effective tools for individuals who need good information in a fast, easy-to-use format. Each pamphlet contains only the most important information on a single topic. Each pamphlet is:

    • Designed to be completed by each client individually
    • Four page layout – Not overwhelming, but easy to read and digest. Written at a 9th grade level
    • Tangible – something that belongs to the client
    • A reference tool for reinforcing the message
    • Each pamphlet comes with a outcomes assessment tool
    • Pamphlets can be completed in 30-45 minutes