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    Instructor’s Manuals for Pamphlets Series

    icon-IM_learnovationInstructor’s Manuals for Pamphlets Series
    Training Guides that make teaching pamphlet concepts easy



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    $625 – $895 per Manual

    Training with the Pamphlets

    Each pamphlet is designed to be a flexible, independent unit of instruction, with different job and life skill applications. These pamphlets make up the core curriculum for all learning. The Instructor’s Manuals has been developed to assist the provider in reaching the client/learner. Guidelines for training, discussion questions and activities as well as supplemental PowerPoint slides, are all detailed under each individual pamphlet.

    Each Instructor’s Manual includes:

    • two hour training lessons for each pamphlet – can be expanded or condensed based on your learners and your needs
    • additional content information and activities on each topic
    • PowerPoint slides for each pamphlet

    Teaching the Pamphlets:
    The Instructor’s Guide provides teaching direction for each pamphlet in the series, including:


    Pamphlet Overview—gives an overview of the contents and the different parts in the pamphlet


    • Activities Overview– lists the activities in the pamphlet
    • Teaching Tips– lists any special focus of the pamphlet, and includes any extra materials that might be useful to teach the topic
    • Learning Objectives—what the client should be able to do after completing the pamphlet. Both the client and the provider will sign off on these objectives in each assessment document.




    Teaching Outline—gives the provider a guideline for delivering the training to the client.


    • Overview Slide–Each training begins with a slide overviewing the contents of the pamphlet.


    Reading Time–30 minutes are allocated for the individual to read the pamphlet and begin working on the exercises.



    • Discussion and ActivitiesPowerPoint slides are available to review pamphlet material and give supplemental information on the topic.



    • ActivitiesReview exercises in the pamphlets and additional exercises.



    • Completing the Assessment FormTime is scheduled at the end of the session to review the assessment form with the individual.


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    Instructor's Manual

    •  The companion Instructor’s Manual adds 1-1/2 to 2 hours of detailed training for each topic with PowerPoint slides, additional content and exercises.

    Pamphlet Series  are available in hard copy or online format

    EASY TO USE…   

    4-page pamphlets provide focused content on targeted key topics for the theme – perfect for individuals or groups

    • Individual pamphlets focus on key topics
    • Written at a federally mandated 9th grade level, but chunked for easy reading
    • One to two exercises per pamphlet.



    • Includes Pre and Post Assessment Documents
    • Check mastery of each topic with assessment documents, included for each pamphlet
    • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing

    Pamphlet Series

    -Workforce Readiness


    -Wellness & Nutrition

    -Financial Literacy

    -Study Skills


    Thanks to their design, these pamphlets are effective tools for individuals who need good information in a fast, easy-to-use format. Each pamphlet contains only the most important information on a single topic. Each pamphlet is:

    • Designed to be completed by each client individually
    • Four page layout – Not overwhelming, but easy to read and digest. Written at a 9th grade level
    • Tangible – something that belongs to the client
    • A reference tool for reinforcing the message
    • Each pamphlet comes with a outcomes assessment tool
    • Pamphlets can be completed in 30-45 minutes