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    Parenting Pamphlets

    Family Pamphlets IconParenting Series Pamphlets

    12 Life skills pamphlets that address parenting- one issue at a time.

    We know that kids don’t come with instructions and people don’t automatically become good parents once they have a child.

    Kids learn by watching the people around them, and so do we as adults. This series of pamphlets was created to provide good guidelines and address some of the basic responsibilities we have as parents including:

    • Providing a safe environment
    • Providing basic needs for their kids
    • Providing discipline that helps their kids instead of hurting them
    • Communicating with their kids
    • Helping their kids feel good about themselves
    • Teaching values, develop respect, and get to know their kids.
    • Getting involved and support their kids in school.
    • Identifying key concepts to successfully manage their own children and household
    • Determining strategies to improve their communication skills with children and the other parent
    • Feeling empowered to be active parents in the lives of their children
    • Addressing additional issues of anger, character and values, age appropriateness and sources of support for parents.

    Pamphlet Features

    Evidence-Based Methodology

    All training materials with a Learnovation® copyright are developed with evidence based methodology. Learnovation® goes through a vetting process of piloting all printed materials with a control group methodology. In the case of both the targeted group and the training method, we have tested and refined our process and content. As such, we offer our reporting in the standards to appeal to your needs for your organization while also allowing you to do data mining for new trends that might emerge.  We believe that organizations are like people, living entities that need to learn.  Our goal is to assist you through the reporting process so you can respond to the changes in the economy and social environment that clients operate within.

    Life With Kids Pamphlet

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    Parenting Pamphlets

    P1- Life With Kids

    P2- What to Expect as Kids Grow

    P3- Being a Good Parent

    P4- Talking and Connecting With Kids

    P5- Discipline – Rules are There for a Reason

    P6- Conflict in the Family

    P7- Kids and Divorce

    P8- Single Parenting & Step Families

    P9- Keeping Kids Healthy

    P10- Kids and School

    P11- When Your Kids Are In Trouble

    P12- Finding Help in the Community


    Assessment Tools

    Each pamphlet comes with a quick assessment sheet.Assessment Documents

    • Can be signed by client and caseworker to show understanding and completion of the materials.
    • Takes 5-10 minutes to complete
    • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing
    • Can be completed in small groups when necessary

    Instructor’s Manuals

    Instructor's Manual

    Instructor’s Manuals available for each pamphlet set!

    Each manual includes:

    • PowerPoint slides for each pamphlet
    • Detailed curriculum and teaching guidelines
    • Additional content to extend training time

    ONLINE Pamphlet Series

    Add Online Pamphlets to your Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Cloud-based system
    • All materials map to the O*NET database allowing you to track:
      • Soft skills and professional skills
      • Essential quantifiable knowledge
    • Powerful Analytics let you harness user data – create a platform for data-mining and building your own organizational research
      • Track learner time
      • Online assessment
      • Customized reporting