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    Reentry Pamphlets

    Reentry Series Pamphlets

    Life Skills & Job Skills Material, Designed for the Ex-Offender

    Concept Driven Pamphlets that address both job skills and life skills – one issue at a time.

    The Reentry Career Pamphlet Series is designed to help ex-offender reenter the society and the workforce. These pamphlets give an overview of basic skills needed to succeed at home and on the job. They can be used as instructional tools, or as an initial assessment to determine needed services.

    Easy-to-Use … Assessment Driven… Training with Impact

    Our Reentry Pamphlet Series addresses the key topics related to job readiness and life skills.

    Click on the images to view the materials for the second pamphlet in the series:
    Filling Out a Job Application

    EASY TO USE…  Reentry Pamphlet - Filling Out a Job Application

    4-page pamphlets provide focused content on critical parenting topics – perfect for individuals or groups

    • 12 individual pamphlets, focused on key parenting topics
    • Written at a federally mandated 9th grade level, but chunked for easy reading
    • One to two exercises per pamphlet.



    • Includes Pre and Post Assessment Documents  
    • Check mastery of each topic with assessment documents, included for each pamphlet 
    • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing






    Reentry Instructors' Manual


    •  The companion Instructor’s Manual adds 1-1/2 to 2 hours of detailed training for each topic with PowerPoint slides, additional content and exercises.




    The program is designed to screen clients into two categories –

    • those ready to launch into independent successful employment with only a review of job readiness and basic life skills
    • the more dependent individuals in need of skill training and additional support services.

    Reentry pamphlets focus on three topicshonesty, money, and self-confidence. The holistic approach has the offender practicing budgeting time and money, as well as self-reporting honestly in the activities in these pamphlets.



    • Four-page, full-color pamphlets focus on specific job and life skills.
    • A Reality: What to Expect box appears on the front of each pamphlet. These boxes orient the ex-offender to job realities, anticipated emotions, and other people’s reactions to life transitions– all the traps of typical recidivism.
    • Concrete “How To’s” have been written wherever possible. All abstract language is removed to reduce facilitating the “scheming” and poor decision-making that often leads to re-addiction and recidivism.
    • Each pamphlet contains at least one activity or exercise
    • Information is presented in small, chunked segments for individuals functioning with potentially undeclared learning disabilities.
    • All materials are designed to target a 9th grade reading level – the minimum required literacy for many programs.

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    Reentry Pamphlet Series


    $17.95 per set – 14 pamphlets with assessment documents

    Pamphlets in the Series:

    Job Skills
    • Finding A Job
    • Creating Your Resume
    • Filling Out A Job Application
    • Job Interviews
    • Beginning the
      New Job
    • Transportation
    • Keeping The Job
    Life Skills
    • Handling Money
    • Handling Conflict
    • Handling Stress
    • Somebody’s Angry
    • Building Relationships
    • Housing
    • Setting Up The Household

    Also Available Electronically

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