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    Study Skills Pamphlets

    Study Skills Pamphlet Series

    Whether you’re a student or a professional, the Study Skills pamphlets can help you improve  your writing and note-taking, help you do better Internet searches, work on your time management, learn how to use technology to study, and use social media to help grow your career.  

    Study Skill Pamphlet Covers

     $17.95 – 10 Pamphlets w/ Assessments

    Order Now Parenting Pamphlets

    S1-Basic Study Skills- Studying Made Easier

    S2-Note-Taking and Remembering

    S3-How to Do An Online Search

    S4-Time Management – Avoiding the Chaos

    S5-Writing Skills for All Media

    S6-Landing On Your Feet In College

    S7-Using Technology to Study

    S8-Social Media and Your Career

    S9- Being a Professional

    S10- The Career Portfolio Starter

    Sample  Assessment Document

    Sample Instructor’s Manual

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    Thanks to their design, these pamphlets are effective tools for individuals who need good information in a fast, easy-to-use format. Each pamphlet contains only the most important information on a single topic. Each pamphlet is:

    • Designed to be completed by each client individually
    • Four page layout – Not overwhelming, but easy to read and digest. Written at a 9th grade level
    • Tangible – something that belongs to the client
    • A reference tool for reinforcing the message
    • Each pamphlet comes with a outcomes assessment tool
    • Pamphlets can be completed in 30-45 minutes
    The Family Guide/Career Portfolio Life Skill and Job Readiness Training Program was created because of the understanding that developing life skills is just as important as developing work skills. Industry professionals claim that people who are organized and successful in their personal lives are generally more successful at work. This program addresses the concept that all skills are transferable into the work environment, as well as into the home environment. 
    The curriculum is designed to assist the participant in:
    • Developing individual job and life skills
    • Developing family life skills
    • Transferring life activities into workforce skills.
    The program is fully customizable to fit your specific needs.