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    Academic eTools Suite

    Academic eTools Suite
    For School Programs and Workforce Development Solutions

    • Need a way to reach students NOW?

    • Need a way to measure outcomes on each assignment and project?

    • Looking for the freedom to be creative and still have the framework in place for your innovative teaching methods?

    • Trying to reach students who are glued to their phone?

    • Need a Career Management Tool for your students?

    Our software will….

    • Specifically align goals with standards for college and work readiness
    • Provide for collection and effective use of data
    • Increase teacher effectiveness
    • Target turn-around programs and innovation
    • Create and track your own curriculum
    • Match your curriculum to the employment standards for knowledge, skills, and abilities
    • Set you up to track data for future grant writing.

    At Learnovation®, LLC we know that not everyone learns the same and in the same way.  We have spent years integrating and staying focused on the innovations of instructional design and the art of learning.  Our team has specialties in Career Development Research (with special interests in brain research on skill and job matching), graphic arts and multimedia impact on learning, and special needs learners. 

    We have studied learning from the at-risk youth to the gift-talented private college prep student dimension.  Learning, innovative teaching, and knowing how to measure and stimulate learning is at the core of our work.  Our team has specialties in both youth learning and adult learning methods.  We subscribe to the toolbox approach for your team.  We have developed instructional materials and software to support instructors, administrators and learners

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    The Perfect Tool

    The Academic eTools Suite is a complete software solution that helps you set up systems to:

    • Manage your operations and infrastructure while interfacing with agencies and partner organizations who serve your students
    • Identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of students
    • Integrate outcomes assessment into all programs
    • Expand existing workforce development and job readiness programs
    • Provide an ePortfolio to prove student skills and abilities and prepare for a career

    Contact us today to schedule a webinar demo

    Learn how to create your own portfolio with the professional, student, or dietetic version of Creating your Career Portfolio: At a Glance Guide.

    Get a Professional Career Portfolio Bundle Pack for only $100!


    • Professional Portfolio Kit with your choice of Career Portfolio workbook
      • Career Transitions Workbook
      • College Prep Workbook
      • Practical Exercises Workbook
    • Creating Your Career Portfolio: At-A-Glance Guide for Students