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    eMedical Notebook

    eMedical Notebook
    Managing Medical Resources


    The eMedical Notebook assists individuals in managing their physical and mental health. This product is integrated into our ePortfolio product. Currently, we measure how medical conditions impact skills and abilities, etc. by measuring current disabilities and the possible rehabilitation level that can be obtained.



    • Allow for several methods of gathering medical data ranging from transfer of medical records, to survey and completion of forms
    • Integrates into the eMinder process so individuals can set up reminders for medications, appointments, job interviews, etc.
    • Maps disabilities onto impact on tasks and skills for jobs, assisting the individual in short-term and long-term career planning
    • Includes training materials to assist people in developing more efficient interaction with doctors and other medical support staff
    • Models the ergonomics and user interface of the ePortfolio
    • Utilizes the new international medical codes and cross references the old billing codes


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