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    Instructional Design

    Instructional Design Services
    We know what it takes to make your programs work


    At Learnovation®, LLC we’re educators and trainers. We know what it takes to make the return on investment (ROI) for the performance-based bottom line. We understand how weaknesses in the labor force affect productivity and profit. We believe that success comes from the process of developing all materials through the eyes of the end user.

    For a sample of Learnovation®, LLC’s instructional design abilities see:

    Training Development is a process!

    Instructional Design is a process. It takes consideration and the targeting of knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop successful training and learning. Learnovation®, LLC has expertise in both technical/hard and soft skill assessment. We strive to set up systems and map outcomes back to the instruction developed for the client.

    The following components make up our innovative and effective process:

    Customize the Content of Your Book Series

    • Build YOUR program
      • Target each layer of your workforce
      • Use Custom Design to develop all aspects of the training materials and plan
      • Develop performance-based outcomes and map them back to your instructional materials
    • Participate in the process with our development teams and authors
    • Incorporate your best practices
    • Integrate your organizational examples and standards

    Learnovation®, LLC’s Instructional Design Procedure

    1. Identify the team
    2. Determine the book content
    3. Set up the Approval Process
    4. Develop additional materials such as:
      a. Print
      b. E-training
      c. Videos
      d. Traditional training
    5. Printing
    6. Implementation
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    Check out eDesigner…

    Concept-driven e-training address both life skills and job readiness, one issue at a time.

    • Instructional Features

      • Custom Photos
      • Sidebars
      • Pull out boxes
      • Comprehensive Indexing
      • Custom graphics
      • Adjusted reading levels and presentation styles

      So Many Possibilities . . .

      • Reference book
      • Supervisor’s or manager’s guide
      • Hourly or line worker’s guide
      • Test preparation or certification guides
      • Trainer’s guide
      • Additional training materials
      • E-Training

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