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    Stop Selling, Start Serving

    Stop Selling… Start Serving
    Seven Principles of SERVANT Selling by Jack Frisby

    Start-Serving-coverThe gift of service is the secret sauce that makes the human connection and compels your customer to keep coming back to you. Learn this secret and others in this great “how to” conversation with Jack Frisby. Get an inside look at heartfelt giving as a strategic, profitable business selling strategy. Join Jack as he walks you through the seven principles of SERVANT selling. Don’t miss a single word or headline!

    $19.95 – Published January 2014

    ISBN: 978-0-9796434-5-3

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    Praise for Stop Selling… Start SERVING


    Stop Selling …Start SERVING” changed our business— increasing sales by 40% in just 3 months.  No other book speaks to the heart of the business owner and the salesforce at the same time—it’s a game changer!  I love the prescriptive advice and easy to read format.  Wow….Thank you Jack!!!”  
    Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D, President
    Learnovation ®, LLC

    “SERVANT Selling has cracked the code on character based, client/service provider relationships.  This approach benefits both sides of the sales transaction.”
    Eric Woerner, Senior Vice President at Direct Energy U.S. Home Services

    About Jack Frisby

    Jack Frisby is the President of Optimize Selling Solutions, providing customized sales training, outsourced sales management, lead generation and sales assessment tools.

    Jack Frisby

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