Instructor’s Manuals

Instructor’s Manuals available for each pamphlet set!

Each manual includes:

  • PowerPoint slides for each pamphlet
  • Detailed curriculum and teaching guidelines
  • Additional content to extend training time

Add Online Pamphlets to your Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Cloud-based system
  • All materials map to the O*NET database allowing you to track:
    • Soft skills and professional skills
    • Essential quantifiable knowledge
  • Powerful Analytics let you harness user data – create a platform for data-mining and building your own organizational research
    • Track learner time
    • Online assessment
    • Customized reporting

Workforce Development Pamphlets

Job concept driven pamphlets that address both life skills and job skills – one issue at a time

$17.95 per set

Finally, a workforce development series created with the end-users, your clients…in mind. Concept-driven pamphlets that address both life skills and job skills, one issue at a time.

14 pamphlets focused on helping individuals succeed on the job and in their personal lives.

Pamphlets in the Series:

Job Skills
  • Finding A Job
  • Creating Your Resume
  • Filling Out A Job Application
  • Job Interviews
  • Beginning the New Job
  • Transportation
  • Keeping The Job
Life Skills
  • Handling Money
  • Handling Conflict
  • Handling Stress
  • Somebody’s Angry
  • Abuse in the Family
  • Housing
  • Setting Up The Household

The Workforce Preparedness Pamphlet Series is designed to jump-start individuals in the workforce– both from the job readiness and the life skill perspective. These pamphlets give an overview of basic skills needed to succeed at home and on the job. They can be used as instructional tools, or as an initial assessment to determine needed services.

Outcome Assessment Tools

Each pamphlet comes with a quick assessment sheet.Assessment Documents

  • Can be signed by client and caseworker to show understanding and completion of the materials.
  • Takes 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing
  • Can be completed in small groups when necessary