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Career: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Meaningful employment, transferable skills, well-being, adulting, community, family, life skills, health…A lot goes into your career, it is not just a simple job that you go to in the morning and leave in the evening. A career will weave it’s way into all areas of your life in many shapes and forms. A healthy, happy, well rounded person, will recognize the need for a career that benifits not only their professional well-being, but also their personal well-being. As you build and grow in your career, why not take advantage of every skill and insight you gain both on the job and off? As you read through our products you will see that our goal at Learnovation® is to provide you the necessary tools to make the most out of your career and truly gain meaningful employment.

What is a career portfolio? Why do your students and clients need career portfolios? How do you teach or utilize career portfolios?

Each category above will provide you with specific information to explore regarding our career portfolios where we answer the three questions above along with many more. We have found that whether you are assisting a high school student entering college next year, or client who is looking for a change in their current career, the career portfolio is a great foundation piece for all ages and demographics. The literature and curriculum we provide is specifically geared to customization based on your student’s and client’s needs. As you read through the offereings of our career portfolios, please do not forget to look at the individual pamphlets we offer under the Well-being section of our website.