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    • Internship programs
    • Self-study programs

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    Career Portfolios – A Tool for Life

    A Career Portfolio is a tool to help people plan, organize, and document work samples and skills. 

    A career portfolio is a collection of information each person designs and creates to present the best of themselves to other people. In a hard copy binder or electronic form, a career portfolio helps individuals organize skills and abilities to market themselves to others:

    • for job interviews
    • to compete for internships
    • to track and quantify your internship experience
    • to  compete for scholarships
    • in performance reviews
    • in promotions and career shifts

    Using a portfolio can help you get a job, get a higher starting salary, show transferable skills, track personal development and position yourself for advancement.

     The Career Portfolio is not just a thing… it is a process, a way of thinking and a tool for keeping your professional and personal life integrated for workplace success.

     You need to be able to imagine what you want and know how to classify and categorize your knowledge, skills, abilities and rare talents through the elements of the Career Portfolio.