Skill Discovery

Career Portfolio Workbooks: Identifying Skills and Abilities for Career Success

These companion workbooks to the Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide are designed to help individuals identify their existing skills, determine the skills needed for a desired career, and map out what skills they need to aquire.

Career Transitions-Transferable Skills and Career Portfolio Workbook

New 2nd Edition! This workbook focuses on identifying existing skills, identifying career opportunities, and using transferable skills to showcase your skills. Each exercise explores different types of skills, places to gain skills, and ways to present these skills to an employer. 

The College Prep Portfolio Development Workbook for Students

This workbook contains skill awareness exercises designed to help high school students identify their current skills and the skills they need to succeed.

Career Portfolio Development Workbook for Dietitians

A great new companion workbook for Creating Your Career Portfolio: At-A-Glance Guide for Dietitians. This workbook includes a series of exercises that provide insight into a person’s skills, abilities, and talents. This workbook also helps to plan for skill development in areas of weakness, identifying work samples, and tracking personal professional development.