The “HOW-TO” of Training Life-Skills

Instructor’s Manuals give you the freedom of customized teaching without the hassle of creating curriculum.

We understand the need to maintain budgets and work within monetary constraints. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-577-1190 to discuss how our materials can work within your budget!

Imagine if you could spend more time with your clients and less time creating a lesson plan

We have the answer to your prayers

The Instructor’s Manuals has been developed to assist the provider in reaching the client/learner. Guidelines for training, discussion questions and activities, as well as supplemental PowerPoint slides, are all detailed under each individual pamphlet.



  • Two hours of training lessons for each pamphlet – can be expanded or condensed based on your learners and your needs
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Additional content and activities with supplemental pamphlet material
  • Teaching tips and detailed instruction


How do You Teach the Pamphlets?

One Issue at a Time…

The Instructor’s Guide provides teaching direction for each pamphlet in the series, allowing you to take the guess work out of instruction.


  •  Pamphlet Overview—gives an overview of the contents and the different parts in the pamphlet
  • Activities Overview– lists the activities in the pamphlet
  • Teaching Tips– lists any special focus of the pamphlet, and includes any extra materials that might be useful to teach the topic
  • Learning Objectives—what the client should be able to do after completing the pamphlet. Both the client and the provider will sign off on these objectives in each assessment document.
  • Overview Slide–Each training begins with a slide overviewing the contents of the pamphlet.
  • Teaching Outline—gives the provider a guideline for delivering the training to the client.
  • Reading Time–30 minutes are allocated for the individual to read the pamphlet and begin working on the exercises.
  • Discussion and ActivitiesPowerPoint slides are available to review pamphlet material and give supplemental information on the topic.
  • Completing the Assessment FormTime is scheduled at the end of the session to review the assessment form with the individual.


Is your program on the brink of extinction? 

Get the evidence based outcomes you need to start thriving

Keep reading to learn more about the features…



  • Documents case management engagement
  • Compliments individual case manager strengths while standardizing outcome measures
  • Rapid completion and engagement of 5-10
  • Provides data for tracking client success, providing measures for future grant writing
  • Instruction in the Instructor’s Manual to support completing documents in small groups when as needed.


Our Shortcuts Get You the Results You Need!

Tried and True Methods that Create Success.

  • Case Management System
  • Rubrics Generator
  • Custom Content
  • Learning Management System
  • tell me more…

Case Management

  • Identify the risks
  • asses the current status
  • assist individuals in getting the services they need

Gap Analysis

Help users see the GAP between their current skills and the requirements needed for different target jobs. Identify the specific training, certification, or experience needed to meet the career goal.Get detailed reports based on O*NET, education, and Federal Medical measurable standards. Partner with your allied education institutions for detailed custom curriculum reports. You can identify the needs and put together the plan in one step!Reporting & Analytics The foundation of all services and features is the quantifiable measurement and analytics:

  • Integrated reporting by each feature
  • The Data Management Integration allows for reporting by group
  • Projects may be managed in this system with detailed reporting and analysis of goals

The robust O*Net database and crosswalks , Learnovation ®, LLC proprietary databases, and the Education Common Core databases are the foundation of the growing data dictionary serving as the foundation for the growing anchors for reporting and analytics for agencies, industry, and education.

Career Portfolio & eResume

Help your users identify and show work samples that prove they have the skills needed for the job. Using our established proprietary evidence-based and electronic job board format, clients organize current and lifetime work samples to get a job or advance their careers and skills using O*Net and education standards.  


    Our Learning Management System (LMS) is the ultimate easy-to-use client learning-based platform. Chunk your learning into units and playlists. All training reflects O*NET, education, and Federal measurable standards. 

Rubrics Generator

Easily add your own content into our LMS. Our Rubrics Generator makes sure your materials measure user outcomes and collect usable data for reporting. All content added integrates O*NET, education, and Federal Medical measurable standards. 

Custom Content

Integrate proven Learnovation content into your training today! Specialized content for:

  • Workforce – Job Readiness & Life Skills
  • Reentry
  • Financial Literacy
  • Wellness & Nutrition
  • Study Skills
  • Parenting
The Technology

  • Easy-to-access SaaS (software as a service)
  • pay per play on a subscription model
  • NO client need for additional IT resources
  • Only requires a Web browser for all functions and access
  • Built on current O*Net / USDPL SOC codes and crosswalks


We believe in the development of the individual. Institutions, organizations, agencies and individuals come to us in that delta moment when they are ready to change. We partner with them as they are developing and documenting their knowledge, skills, abilities, tools, technologies, education, and rare talents in the pursuit of gainful employment. Our understanding and special talent in instructional design and learning make us
exceptional at development and measurement of outcomes and accountability.Each Learnovation service, software and/or published training component has a core based upon O*Net, Common Core Education Standards and Federal Medical Standards with measurable outcomes assessment, which are holistically integrated from training through business and economic management.While the roots of our program originate from the Case Management System, our success comes from our Business Experience and approach to people and business, combined with understanding the need to standardize and measure systems. We believe in a holistic approach to the individual as we set out to impact behavior.





The companion Instructor’s Manual adds 1-1/2 to 2 hours of detailed training for each topic with PowerPoint slides, additional content and exercises.

Pamphlet Series  are available in hard copy or online format


4-page pamphlets provide focused content on targeted key topics for the theme – perfect for individuals or groups

  • Individual pamphlets focus on key topics
  • Written at a federally mandated 9th grade level, but chunked for easy reading
  • One to two exercises per pamphlet.


  • Includes Pre and Post Assessment Documents
  • Check mastery of each topic with assessment documents, included for each pamphlet
  • Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing

Pamphlet Series

  • Workforce Readiness
  • Reentry
  • Wellness & Nutrition
  • Financial Literacy
  • Study Skills
  • Parenting

Thanks to their design, these pamphlets are effective tools for individuals who need good information in a fast, easy-to-use format. Each pamphlet contains only the most important information on a single topic. Each pamphlet is:

  • Designed to be completed by each client individually


  • Four page layout – Not overwhelming, but easy to read and digest. Written at a 9th grade level


  • Tangible – something that belongs to the client
  • A reference tool for reinforcing the message
  • Each pamphlet comes with a outcomes assessment tool
  • Pamphlets can be completed in 30-45 minutes