College Prep Development Workbook for Students ISBN# 978-0-9705790-8-9


College Prep Portfolio Workbook for Students. 2nd Ed.

by Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D. & Karen J. Hall
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ISBN: 978-0-9969528-5-9
Publisher: Learnovation, LLC,
Copyright: 2017
Format: Paper; 96 pp.

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The College Prep Portfolio Workbook for Students contains skill awareness exercises designed to help high school students identify their current skills and the skills they need to succeed. It also contains checklists and guidelines for creating a résumé and assembling a personalized college prep portfolio.
With the first exercise, a student begins to create a master list of his or her skills and skill deficits. Each additional exercise explores different types of skills, places to gain experience, and ways to present these abilities to college program directors, internship coordinators, or future employers.
  • portfolio planner tracks the skills you have and need to be develop
  • resume template for creating your own résumé
  • assembly checklist helps you track what you need and what you have to put together your portfolio
  • includes activities geared to college prep including identifying majors and colleges, completing application essays, and a college application checklist