What is Curriculum Rehab?

It is the makeover of the structure and content of the master subjects making up the plan of study for learning.  The best way to rehab your curriculum will depend on:

  • Your goals
  • Why you are rehabbing
  • And your budget.

Why Rehab?

Several Good Reasons:

  • Usually the core of your curriculum is solid with good elements you want or need to retain.
  • The cost of starting over is financially prohibitive. 
  • You need to respond to only a focused issue with integration throughout the program.

If one or more of these reason describe your situation in training or education, then Curriculum Rehab is the right answer.

How to Rehab?

  • Microburst—short, energized, organized attention to targets (living in the curriculum and putting the energy into the update so that it does the least disruption the deployment—working on sections with a schedule.)
  • Major Rebuild—Keep only what you love and replace the rest (a heavy push of resources with intensity to complete a lot of work, ideally done in minimal phases.)
  • Updates to Increase Value—Incorporate better materials to meet with the trends and market (as much time planning as rehabbing… where the purpose and goals of the rehab are analyzed before the work is done.)

What to Rehab?

  • Programs—Instead of adding and adding…pruning and planting disease resistant, thriving organic things. Do we need it and does it do what it is supposed to do?
  • Course Structure—do we have what content we need? Is everything here the regulations require?  Are we aligned to what the workforce or next step in learning value?
  • Course Objectives—do we clearly have measurable objectives where knowledge, skills and abilities are mapped to the syllabi?
  • Methods—are the teaching/learning techniques impacting the retention and comprehension of the course? Are the methods aligned to the future work experience?  Self-study, group, classroom, lab—experiential, cooperative, observation or reflection?
  • Outcomes Assessment—Prove it! What type/level of learning is being targeted? using Blooms taxonomy is there progress in the level of content and progress in the stacking of courses? Is the learning sticking?  Is the learning stackable, building to mastery, or in siloes, or chunked for a specific use?  Is the learner self-managing the progress or is the instructor structuring experiences?

When to Rehab?

  • When you can afford it? —are you rehabbing because it cost too much to operate the structure? Are you rehabbing because you have money available?
  • When it is falling apart and potentially ready to be condemned? –fix it or lose it!
  • When you have to hook into the infrastructure? –Something changed or something new in other systems become available? When policy, regulations and systems need to be aligned. Standards change, funding requires career education be integrated.  Sometimes you add, sometimes you rebuild.
  • When you want to do preventative maintenance? –to avoid costly repairs you service items on a scheduled basis. You work a plan with decision rules.


We can do it for you– from needs assessment to delivery

Or…We can lead you through it assisting you in growing your team to do Curriculum Rehab

Coming soon—ask about our Mastermind Curriculum Rehab GroupParticipate in mastermind conversations by content and/or topic. Special interest groups forming for late summer!

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