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Many organizations funded by grants use Learnovation® , LLC materials for the outcomes assessment components.  All our content is free standing and stackable allowing you to address grant objects and reinforcing multiple touch points throughout your programming and delivery of service.  We support data mining, allowing for more meaningful future grant development and the reporting of new patterns and individual break-through.

 When targeting gainful/meaningful employment with personal & professional well-being many of our products are turn-key.  We can assist you in writing the measurable language for your grant and quote items during the application process through the grant deployment window. 

 We believe in measuring outcomes for end-user, staff, and administration purposes.

What we emphasize: 

  • Solid Planning…because it supports evaluation and financial assessment
  • Keeping it real…the community and local connection allows you to think globally and act locally
  • Map your objectives to your desired outcomes…meet the goals of the grantor while meeting your goals too!

Who we support:

  • Nonprofits
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Local Government and Municipalities
  • Educators/Educational Organizations
  • Industry Partners to all of the Above

Use our career portfolios to measure your grant outcomes!