Creating Your Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Dietitians, 2nd Ed. ISBN # 978-0-9969528-0-4


Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Dietitians

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by Anna Graf Willams, PhD; Karen J. Hall, MS; Kyle Shadix, CCC, MS, RD;
D. Milton Stokes, PhD, MPH, RD, CDN
Publisher: Learnovation, LLC , Copyright: 2016
Format: Paper; 218 pp, with Downloadable Templates


Updated 2nd Edition!
Your Career Portfolio is the whole package— your professional tool for credential support and most importantly, your knowledge, skills, and competencies– organized in a clear, professional format that is easy to follow for any audience. As a Dietitian or a student in the dietetic field, you are in high demand. In order to be rewarded and grow your career, you must be able to demonstrate to the non-dietitians who evaluate you how you meet and exceed the professional standards and job competencies. Documentation and making order out of chaos is essential in the fast-paced, measured, health care environment. –Your only career choice is a career portfolio.
Inside you’ll find the how to’s of…
  • Building professional work samples in the key areas of:
    •  Research
    •  Patient Education
    •  Community Service
    •  Your Professional Specialty Area
    •  Food Service Production
    •  Professional Revenue Generation.
  • Creating your social profile to professional standards for LinkedIn.™
  • Integrating technology with ePortfolios and protecting your professional identity.
Great for students planning for a dietetic internship or for seasoned Registered Dietitians, there’s one tool that will set you ahead of your competition: The Career Portfolio. This unique process presented in this book will help you catalog your work experience, accomplishments, and awards in an easy-to-use format. Step-by-step instructions are presented in a user-friendly format; we demonstrate how you can create your own career portfolio.


  • Designed to meet the special needs of dietitians—Provides full-chapter coverage of key topics, and organizes chapters based on the processes of planning, details on sections of the portfolio, assembly, style guidelines and uses of the portfolio.
  • Appendixes with dietetic-specific materials—including
    • Common job titles and skills for dietitians
    • Dietetic work samples
    • Common dietetic professional abbreviations
    • Dietetic job descriptions
  • Electronic templates—Available to download. Use Microsoft Word templates with commonly used forms for goals and objectives, statements of originality, references, awards, projects in process, project overview cards, etc. Save time during assembly by using pre-designed templates.

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