Creating Your Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Professionals ISBN 978-0-9796434-3-9


Creating Your Career Portfolio At-A-Glance Guide for Professionals
by Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D.,
Karen J. Hall,
Diana Adele Wyatt, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-0-9796434-3-9
Publisher: Learnovation, LLC
Copyright: 2012
Format: Paper; 198 pgs.

Take control of your own career development –
Prove you have what it takes to advance!

Career topics include:
  • How you can use your career portfolio and ePortfolio to respond to top grading
  • Where to collect your work samples for best outcomes assessment
  • How to quantify your leadership skills–growing leadership abilities
  • Setting Up Career Planning and Management Systems that promote landing a new job to advancement
  • The importance of both an electronic ePortfolio and a hard copy of your career portfolio
  • Efficient structuring of your existing skills, abilities, tools and technology into a career portfolio
  • Being able to use life skills and experience to gain college credit
  • How to effectively combine your rare talents from a career transition to new focused competencies in your target career
  • Tips for employer tuition reimbursement programs

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Return on Investment –  Companies are also seeing the value of career portfolios. Use your career portfolio to promote yourself and advance your career. Developing a career portfolio supports both the individual employee and the organization. Career portfolios allow individuals to heighten awareness of their own skills and abilities, improve self-confidence, and more accurately career path within an organization. When used properly, career portfolios assist organizations by: 
• Reducing unwanted turnover 
• Retaining rare talent 
• Improving job matching 
• Supporting employees in transitioning across organizational units 
• Identifying and utilizing transferable skills within employee talent pools 
• Tracking skill sets 
• Identifying where skill sets are nested organizationally