Career Transitions Workbook, 2nd Ed. ISBN 978-0-9969528-2-8


Career Transitions- Transferable Skills
and Career Portfolio Workbook

by Anna Graf Williams & Karen J. Hall
ISBN: 978-0-9969528-2-8
Publisher: Learnovation, LLC
Copyright: 2016
Format: Paper; 124 pp.
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Geared to Students, Workforce Development, Reentry, and At-Risk Youth Populations
The Career Transitions-Transferable Skills & Career Portfolio Workbook contains skill awareness exercises designed to help people identify their current skills and the skills they need to succeed. It also contains checklists and guidelines for creating a résumé and assembling a personalized career portfolio.
With the first exercise, a client begins to create a master list of his or her skills. Each additional exercise explores different types of skills, places to gain skills, and ways to present these skills to an employer. We also explore the importance of connecting personal well-being to career success.
  • Getting it Done Checklist
  • 1A–Who Do I Want to Be?
  • 1B–What Kind of Job Do I Want to Be Doing?
  • 2–Taking a Look at the Job Market
  • 3–Reality Check: The Job Application
  • 4–Taking Inventory- Dialing Down on My Skills
    • 4A–Skills from Jobs
    • 4B–Skills from Education/Training
    • 4C–Skills from Other Sources
  • 5–Looking at the Big Picture – A SWOT Analysis
  • 6–Job Matching and My Career Path
  • 7–Planning for the Skills I Need
  • 8–Gathering and Sorting Work Samples
    • 8A–Setting Up My Tabs and Organizing Samples
    • 8B–Creating Overview Cards for Work Samples
  • 9–Creating My Résumé
    • 9A–Résumé Planner
    • 9B–Using Keywords in My Résumé
  • 10– My Professional Profile on LinkedIn™
  • 11–Assembling My Career Portfolio
  • 12–Check My Attitude
    • 12A–What’s My Attitude?
    • 12B–Shifting My Attitude
  • 13– Transferring Well-Being to Career Success
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